How to tie Your Square Silk Scarf: 50+ interactive tutorials.
Videos, photos, tips and everything you'll ever need to know.

A simplified version is also available for Android devices. You still get all the tutorials and future updates.


Explore 50+ ways to tie your square silk scarf into a variety of knots in different styles, ranging from sleek and simple to elaborate and sculptural. Each knot comes with an interactive tutorial and a comprehensive guide that includes tips, variations, photos, size info and more.


The current version of this app features 50+ interactive tutorials and more than 500 additional photos. Future updates will include further knots, tutorials and photos at no extra cost.


The tutorials have easy to use speed, go back/skip and loop tools that let you practice the knots at your own pace and rhythm:


Each video is accompanied by clear and succinct text for every step of the knot


In case you'd like to play any tutorial step repeatedly, tap the "Loop" button (to exit the loop, tap the button again)

Go back/skip

The steps of each knot are defined by the dots in the progress line, which makes it easy to go back in the tutorial or to skip ahead: you only need to tap the dots


Play the tutorial at normal speed, or adjust it to 0.5x to watch in slow motion. If you only want to quickly refresh your mind with a how-to, simply double the speed to 2x


In addition to the video tutorial, each knot has a comprehensive guide in the style of a blog post. Scroll down to find a description for the knot, an illustration that shows which parts of your scarf are highlighted, pictures on how it features on the blog, as well as tips, and variations.

You can also find pictures on how the knot looks in other scarf sizes and materials, and a detailed size guide where you can see with which scarf sizes the knot works with.


Find knots and inspiration by tie-level (from easy to Masterclass), explore the Playtime filters that let you choose by style (Bows and Roses, Light and Breezy, Long and Lovely, Wind-Proof, to name a few), or find the knots that let you highlight or hide parts of your scarves (borders, center, ends etc).

You can also filter by scarf and scarf ring size, and find the knots which are perfect for your silks and rings. If you have a favorite starting point, the filters let you find all the relevant knots, too.



Create a favorites list for quick access to all your favorite knots, tick their heart symbol and you'll find them all in one place. Or tick those you'd like to learn next for a handy to-do list

Tap onto 'More' button on the top right...

...and discover a glossary, size guide and about section. Expect more to come in this section!